As ever, an outstanding group of teachers are set to teach at Bryanston in 2024. In addition to London Suzuki Group teachers, we will have guest teachers from Europe and further afield. Most of the faculty members for 2024 have been appointed and are listed here. As registration for the course nears full capacity, we may engage additional faculty members at that time.

Music Director Jillian Leddra
Co-Director Anne Beitel Thomas
Business Manager Philip Wake
Facilities Manager Sarah Mundy

Faculty for 2024:

Violin & Viola Nancy Grace Borrett, Helen Brunner, Guillem Calvo, Charlotte Clemson, Heather Clemson, Amy Cluggish, Rachel Cooper, Mallory Gildersleeve, Selina Hamilton, Sam Knops, Felicity Lipman, Karina MacAlpine, Fiona McLean-Buechel, Michiko Negami, Rick O’Connor, Elena Parker, Clare Raybould, Koen Rens, Louisa Stuber, Kimberley Wong, Janine Zillmann

Cello & Double Bass Emma Butterworth, Danny Cleave, Jon Cottle, Carey Beth Hockett, Clíona Ní Choileáin

Piano Sue Bird, Daniel Fajardo Pérez, Caroline Gowers, Grant Mead, Graham Rix, Wei Yee Shiu, Silvia Faregna, Shih-Ching Wei-Prichard

Orchestra Manager Rachel Lucy Moore
Chamber Orchestra Ben Hancox
Parents’ Orchestra Helen Styles

Dalcroze Bethan Habron-James

Percussion Calum Huggan

Piano Improvisation Richard Michael

String Improvisation Dan Swana

Choirs Frazer Scott

Accompanists & Theory Clare Clements, Tony Ingham, Mark Kinkaid, Timothy Murray, Alice Pinto, Joan Taylor, Yuko Vinden, Heejung Wright

Performance Confidence & Alexander Technique Henry George

Musicianship, Handbells  Claire Wake

Art Margaret Omoniyi

Tennis Matthew Trytel