What the parents enjoyed most:

“All of activities and lessons were enjoyable; we had a wonderful experience and met lovely people”

“The buzz, enthusiasm and great teaching. The encouragement and support by the Faculty and most of all being together in person and seeing so many friends and familiar faces!”

“Being immersed in music with the kids”

“The people, great stewards, amazing facilities, good music choices, sense of community and family”

“Seeing friends not seen for a long time!”

“Well thought out programme, excellent and inspiring teachers, wonderful facilities, happy atmosphere, friendly children”

“Playing and listening to live music. The sport. The warmth of the Bryanston staff. The great teaching. And the flat whites from the cafe”

“The wonderful surroundings and facilities”

“High quality of lessons, variation of lessons, alternation with sports, making new friends …”

“The calm atmosphere, in which we could just go and create lovely music. (Calm atmosphere did not happen by accident – it was created by the excellent organisation and team)”

“The music and friendliness”

“Music, wonderful tuition, orchestras, chamber music, lovely people, gorgeous settings …”

“Improvisation and chamber music”

“The way it became an immersive musical experience was just great”

“Seeing friends and listening to faculty concerts”

“Everything… The Bryanston Suzuki environment, meeting and chatting with friends and teachers, all the joyous and fun music making and watching the children making strong friendships. Having the music shop and bow repair facilities on location is invaluable and I enjoyed browsing the unique and interesting Suzuki music shop and literally as a whole, everything this course is about (not forgetting the excellent catering). The attention to ventilation detail all around the school was very welcome”

“The concerts. As usual, it is amazing to listen to chidren and teachers playing so wonderfully”

“Holistic approach to the child’s development”

“Meeting other like minded families, lots of music all the time, community, parents orchestra, bell ringing”

“To be back on campus after a virtual year! To be immersed in wonderful music and amongst the Suzuki community”

“Expert tuition. Positive and happy Suzuki atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, really well organised”

“I enjoyed watching my children have a wonderful musical week and I enjoyed the beautiful grounds”

“Hearing the most amazing music from all ages, seeing the children enjoy being with their ‘people’ ”

“Hearing and participating in live music again; meeting masses of really lovely and like-minded teachers, parents and kiddies; amazing facilities and food”

What the children enjoyed most:

“Swimming pool, art room, teachers, Mary Poppins and faculty concerts – enjoyed everything!”

“Play together time!”

“Meeting new violin friends (and swimming…)”

“Frazer, Andy, keyboards, piano’s, Jo, swimming pool, new friends”

“Happy to be able to take part in an orchestra for the first time!”

“Choir with Frazer”

“The group violin sessions and concert”

“The play together, the lessons, the cafeteria”

“The opportunity to play new pieces and meet some close friends”

“EVERYTHING 🙂 food, new friends, lessons and pool”

“Interesting music to play. Making new friends. The sports hall. The food.”


“The excitement of living in a boarding school for a week and having freedom to roam. The food!”