What the parents enjoyed most:

“Opportunities for my children to have masterclasses as well as orchestral experience”

“The buzz, enthusiasm and great teaching. The encouragement and support by the Faculty and most of all being together in person and seeing so many friends and familiar faces!”

“I loved the night concerts and student concerts. Music activities were great.

“Giving my children the opportunity to be exposed to so much quality music and tuition with such lovely people in amazing facilities – it was so inspiring!”

“The course is a fantastic experience: The music, activities, teaching, concerts, opportunity for new friendships & overall friendly and supportive atmosphere is something unique, and hugely beneficial for children’s development.”

“Teachers’ concerts, meeting others like minded people, organisation, lessons, food, grounds and a lot more”

“I like the program in general. Such a lovely setting, nice people, great teachers, great organizers and everything is very friendly but at the same time ambitious learning environment for the children”

“All the musical activities (parents orchestra, chorus, faculty concerts, bells, …), chi kung … But mainly the good reception, and job, from the staff and stewards”

“The concerts – seeing so many young musicians look so happy. Being able to watch one of our daughters do her solo on Saturday – an extra treat. The beautiful surroundings – lovely school staff and the amazing team who run Bryanston – thank you!”

“The calm atmosphere, in which we could just go and create lovely music. (Calm atmosphere did not happen by accident – it was created by the excellent organisation and team)”

“Warm atmosphere and wonderful music experienced”

“The warm, supportive and happy atmosphere. The kindness and efficiency of Jillian, Philip, Anne and Sarah and all the faculty”

“This year I didn’t have to guide my daughter from calss to class – she was big enough to find her way. What a also enjoy very much is the beauty of the whole place and it’s incredible choice of activities”

“The way it became an immersive musical experience was just great”

“The wonderful teachers. The immersive music experience. The community spirit. The location and sporting opportunities”

“Everything‚Ķ The Bryanston Suzuki environment, meeting and chatting with friends and teachers, all the joyous and fun music making and watching the children making strong friendships. Having the music shop and bow repair facilities on location is invaluable and I enjoyed browsing the unique and interesting Suzuki music shop and literally as a whole, everything this course is about (not forgetting the excellent catering). The attention to ventilation detail all around the school was very welcome”

“The concerts, the accomodation, the meals and, above all, the incredible atmosphere that the complete staff translate to the families that take part in the course”

“The atmosphere; having opportunities to learn and be inspired at almost every turn. Meeting like-minded people and bonding over our love for music”

“The choir with Frazer Scott was the highlight of Bryanston for me”

“The support between the students. I was touched that friends my son met came to watch his final concert (even though they were not playing). I loved the international aspect of the course – and the interaction between the children. The grounds and sport facilities were brilliant. The overall variety”

“The high quality of the teachers. Precious time both from the point of view of the contents transmitted and from the human point of view. It was an excellent educational experience for my son”

“The inspiring and cheerful atmosphere, the quality and professionalism of (almost all) the teachers, the faculty concerts, the choir by Frazer, the speeches on Monday morning and the talk by Kimberley Wong! The open minded and inclusive Suzuki spirit”

“in general the atmosphere, being part of a big group and sharing good vibes – amazing concerts program, both of students and faculty”

“All of it really, but especially the classes and the teachers. The facilities are fantastic as well. I’m vegan so I also appreciated a lot that everything in the canteen was well labeled and always a number of options to choose from”

What the children enjoyed most:

“My son enjoyed a lot in the teenage house. He also was very happy with his individual, group and orchestra classes”

“Lessons with Rick were a definite highlight as was the food and in general the freedom and that special Bryanston feeling.”

“Playing with friends between classes in the glorious grounds; swimming; having tennis lessons; performing in their groups; biscuits / cake; the older one liked having a sense of autonomy; their masterclasses (I loved that there were only 3 children to a class)”

“Little Mermaid and group lessons with Charlotte, all fun and games while still learning”

“Group with Rachel Cooper and masterclasses with Heather and Lilja respectively”

“Watching and/or performing in concerts: The lunchtime concerts for piano & violin, the evening faculty concerts, Saturday piano concerts, and the Saturday revue”

“Music, being in the teen house, the snacks, friendships. My daughter says a BIG thank you to all the stewards especially the Teen House stewards”

“My daughter enjoyed having a routine and having time to enjoy the facilities. She loved having different teachers and also learning new pieces”

“My child had appreciate all the activites (orchestra, masterclass, choir, to feel safe to go around the college , he has 9 years old, and he wants to come back next year”

“The piano masterclass and play throughs. The friendships. The swimming pool. The concerts and the revue”

“My daughter was for the first time at the teenagers house and she was delighted with the experience. She liked very much taking part in the orchestra, where the stewards were extremly helpfull. She also liked very much the concerts, although at the beginning she thought it was too much to go to the students and teachers concerts every day”

“The adventure of a camp, beautiful setting, fun music groups, tennis/other sports, art room, and food”

“Bell ringing for the younger. Bach A minor opportunity for the elder. Important for the higher Suzuki books to be played, but unfortunately this student could not attend any of the general playtogethers, so aside from the Bach played no other Suzuki piece in any group setting the whole week”