What the parents enjoyed most:

“Everything! Fantastic teachers, amazing concerts, great community, positive atmosphere, beautiful infrastructure and setting”

“…the music curriculum and delivery of it was outstanding”

“The beautiful buildings and flowers and swimming pool and Fazioli piano (very very good pianos onsite!!!) and Elder and Coade Hall and welcome and goodbye drinks in Cowley”

“The atmosphere and the surroundings – to see all these children and young people enjoy music together”

“Experienced teachers, varied classes, great facilities”

“The musical enthusiasm of the outstanding faculty”

“The music-loving environment and participants from all over the world”

“The lovely staff and grounds of the school. The great pool. The warmth and support of Jillian and Philip and the stewards in making it possible”

“The atmosphere”

“Outstanding faculty concerts, seeing old friends, very high quality of teaching, wide range of musical experiences for the kids. Bringing in new, young, faculty of such extraordinary calibre gave the course a fresh, dynamic and exciting feel”

“The friendly and can-do atmosphere”

“The orchestras, the swimming pool, archery, rock climbing, and sports activities.”

“Inspirational teachers (music and sport)”

“Everything. Inspirational for young children into fantastic music. Excellent teachers. Great organisation.”

“All the music and the fantastic facilities”

“The very organised timetable and very friendly staff/faculty

What the children enjoyed most:

“They enjoyed the music activities but also being and playing with their friends”

“Treasure hunt and bouldering”

“Making new friends, seeing others play too”


“Playing in an orchestra and the food”

“The tennis courts and freedom to run around with friends.”

“Their lessons! And the finished pool, and the climbing wall.”

“Cello classes and friends!!”

“Orchestra and art club”

“Food! And swimming and of course all great music activities”

“Lessons, orchestra, chamber music, relationship with others students”