Registrations for the LSG International Summer School 2022 opened at 12:00 GMT on Monday, 7 February 2022


Note: The Summer School is now full for playing students, family members and even Visitors for the final weekend.  New Visitor applicants should complete the application form but do not pay the fees. To submit your applications, please click on the Pay by Bank Transfer link and we will place you on the Waiting List. We will inform you if we can offer you places in due course and the full fees will then become due.

(a) Everyone wishing to attend the summer school in whatever capacity must complete an application form.

Please complete the online application form for each member of your family wishing to attend and pay the deposit due. You must enter the parent’s application first even if your child is attending as an unaccompanied teenager. Your playing child’s instrument and level are required fields so you will not be able to submit your bookings until these fields are completed. Your places will be confirmed on receipt of the deposit payment provided there are still places available on that part of the course.

We have not carried forward completed applications from 2020 or 2021 as confirmed places from families who were unable to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions or for other reasons, so you need to complete new applications but see (c) below regarding your deposit.

(b) Those students who would have been in their final year at our international summer school in 2020 or who were in their final year (aged 18) but unable to attend in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be allowed to attend in 2022, if they wish to do so.

(c) If you have a carried forward deposit from 2020 or 2021 please complete the application process for all your family but do not use the online payment system to pay the required Deposit shown on the dashboard screen. To submit your applications, please click on the Payment by Bank Transfer text link at the bottom of the dashboard screen but you do not need to arrange a bank payment. Your carried forward deposit will be applied to your applications and Philip Wake will send you an invoice for the balance due.

Application Form (see link below)

All attendees of the LSG International Summer School are required to register and complete the Application Form (click on the Application Form link highlighted below). This is to ensure that we have all the required information to meet your needs, including accommodation, travel, medical and dietary requirements. This applies to all student families, Faculty, Stewards, BSMA staff and Teacher Trainees, Observers, LSG Guests, Visitors and Traders.

If you applied for the 2020 or 2021 course, you can use your logon and password to sign in again. Please click on the Application Form and then on Registration Form at the top left of the next screen. Enter your logon (email address) and password and click on Sign In. If you have forgotten your password enter your logon and click on Forgot Password – a Reset link will be sent to you which must be used within an hour. Your contact and other details will load into the application form automatically but please check that they are still correct. The music, transport and Extra Activities sections will need to be re-entered. You must update your own application first to confirm your place and then update the rest of your family’s applications.

If you are a new applicant or did not apply last year or in 2020, it is necessary to create a new logon and password for yourself. Please click on the Application Form and then on Registration Form at the top left of the next screen. You can then create your own logon (use your email address) and password and click on Create Account. The first application page will then appear, enter your contact details before moving onto the rest of the application pages. Please complete each page as comprehensively as possible.

Please complete your own application (the parent responsible for the family’s applications, even if your teenager is attending unaccompanied) after registering your logon and password by clicking on your name on the Dashboard screen and filling in the rest of the information sections. (Your name will appear greyed-out at the start of this process. Click on the greyed-out name to commence; once completed your name will appear in a bolder text.) After completing the Medical section, click on Save and then Submit Your Application. You can then add more applications for your family members – click on Add Person on the Dashboard screen. After completing all applications, click on Pay Deposit to use the online payment system or click on Payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque at the bottom of the Dashboard screen. Your applications will then have been submitted. [Faculty & Stewards members: please click on the Submit button at the bottom of the Dashboard screen].

Step by step Guidance Notes are available (click on the appropriate link below) to help you complete the Application process. Please use them.

Guidance on completing your family’s registration and application

Guidance on completing your Faculty member registration

Guidance on completing your Teacher Trainee registration

Please log back into the application form to update/amend bookings that have received a confirmation email from Philip Wake. All updates must be submitted by 1st July but see below for late applications and international travellers.

Please note:

  • All Students are expected to attend the whole course.
  • If you are aware in advance that you may have to leave the course for a period of time we would appreciate if you could email us directly (before applying) at to advise the reason, exact day and time when you need to leave and when you expect to return.
  • Please note that any absences will be taken into consideration when allocating places on the course as absences will disrupt all the Groups the student is involved in.



Application form


– all confirmations or applications received after the application deadline will go onto a Waiting List to be offered places if available

(But a Waiting List will be set up before this date if parts of the course become over-subscribed, which is still likely.)

Use the same Logon and password to send your solo recordings by July 1st or on application after this date (solo concert space not guaranteed for late applicants).

Each student’s top piece must be confirmed by July 1st or on application after this date.

Car registration details must be updated before arrival.

Payment Methods (see also Costs page)

Please pay a deposit of £100 per fee paying person on application by one of the methods shown below.

Your places on the course will not be confirmed until this payment has been received.

Online payment is recommended using the TakePayments/BarclayCard secure system. Click on the Pay Deposit by card box at the bottom of the Application Dashboard screen.

This system can also be used to pay the Balance of fees by 1st June 2022. Log back into the Application Form and click on the Pay Balance box at the bottom of the dashboard screen.

Bank transfer electronic payments should be made to the London Suzuki Group account at:

Lloyds Bank PLC,

64 High Street,


Surrey, KT19 8AT,


Sort Code: 30-80-33

Account number: 23790360

Payments from abroad will need IBAN code: GB69LOYD30803323790360 and/or BIC code: LOYDGB21722.

Please use your Family Group Name as the reference for all payments.

Cheques payments should be made out to the London Suzuki Group and sent to Philip Wake, 43 North Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1NF

Terms and Conditions

By ticking the Acceptance box and submitting the application form you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions which will apply to the summer school course initially offered and any subsequent summer school or course offered under our Covid-19 Contingency Plans:

  1. Course Payments and Cancellation Policy

a. Covid-19 Cancellation Terms

  • A full refund of your course fees excluding the deposit and less any bank transfer charges will be made if you have to cancel before arrival at the summer school due to a Covid-19 infection within your immediate family or if you are required to self-isolate due to contact with any other Covid-19 infected person. A medical certificate or record of the self-isolation notification will be required to support your refund claim.
  • A full refund of your course fees excluding the deposit and less any bank transfer charges will be made if you are unable to travel to or from the summer school due to government restrictions banning such travel. Please note that government advice not to travel does not constitute a valid claim under this clause.
  • In both the above cases, your deposit will be forfeit to the summer school as an administration charge to cover the work already undertaken to plan your participation in the course.
  • No refund will be due if you or any of your party fall ill or test positive after arrival at the summer school.

b. Standard Payment and Cancellation Terms

  • Please pay £100 per fee-paying person as a deposit on registering (if your booking cannot be confirmed due to the course being full, your deposit will be refunded in full).
  • Your places will not be confirmed until the complete deposit payment is received and you are sent an invoice showing the balance to pay.
  • Pease pay the balance of fees by 1st June 2022.
  • Cancellation (non-Covid-19 related) after your place(s) have been confirmed and by 1st June 2022 will result in the loss of your Deposit, if your place(s) cannot be filled.
  • Cancellation from 1st June 2022 onwards will result in the loss of your Deposit.
  • Cancellation after 1st July 2022 will result in the loss of your fee payments if your place(s) cannot be filled from the Waiting List.
  • Please ensure that any bank transfer charges (normally at least £7) are added to your payment so that we receive the full amount due.
  • Any refund that we make will be after deduction of any bank transfer charges (normally £15 at our bank).
  1. Responsibilities
  • Considerate behaviour is expected of all course participants at all times.
  • Please take full responsibility for the children you bring while on the Bryanston School site and on an excursion trip.
  • Please take full responsibility for your child or children when using the swimming pool or equipment in the Sports Centre.
  • Ensure that your teenage child or children, whether accompanied or unaccompanied on the course, understand the requirement for good and considerate behaviour, and the absolute zero tolerance of their use of alcohol, drugs or any form of smoking. They must carry out the instructions of the Teenage House wardens and other course staff. The LSG reserves the right to require teenagers breaking these rules to leave the course during the week and to ban such teenagers from attending the course in future.
  • You will be held responsible for any damage you or your child or children cause to the property of Bryanston School or the LSG, and the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to you.
  1. Videoing and Photography

There will not be an official video recording team at the summer school in 2022 as the cost has become prohibitive. However, there will be a photographer on-campus during the week.

  • You authorise the London Suzuki Group to use photographic and video images of your child or children for recognition, training or promotional purposes.
  • You may video record you own child’s performance and share it publicly if you wish, but you are requested and expected to be as unobtrusive as possible whilst videoing.
  • You may not video or photograph children from other families unless you have obtained the permission of their parent beforehand.
  • You may not video members of the faculty without their permission.
  1. Privacy and Data Protection

You permit the London Suzuki Group (LSG) to hold the personal information submitted in your booking for the purposes of organising and running the summer school and as reference for future summer schools or courses. These provisions are included in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which contain specific requirements to which the London Suzuki Group must conform in relation to electronic and hard copy personal data. For us, the main issue is that we must have positive consent from each of your group aged over 16, and from you for those under age 16 that you are responsible for, to hold and process your individual personal information (data) for the purposes of running the summer school. Completion of the registration form will be taken as the express consent of you and all the members of your group for the LSG to hold and process this personal data. There is a link to the LSG Privacy Policy on the course application website and on the LSG main website.