Bryanston School is near the small Georgian Town of Blandford Forum in a beautiful part of North Dorset in the south west of England, and is about 30 minutes’ drive from Poole, the nearest railway station. Please be aware that Covid-19 capacity restrictions may apply to the various forms of transport at the time of the summer school. We will monitor these and apply them in liaison with the transport companies.

Please complete the Travel section of the Application Form with the initial intention of your travel plans and coach booking requirements as early as possible and by the 1st of July at the latest so that coaches can be booked and seats reserved where required. Full details of your travel bookings must be completed by 31st July. All the offered transfers are subject to sufficient demand so may be amalgamated or cancelled. Philip Wake will inform all those that have booked after analysing the data after the 1st July booking deadline. Again this year, rather than pre-selecting a Regional airport to offer transport from/to but limited to Bournemouth, Bristol and Southampton, we will assess the demand after bookings are made and decide what transport to organise. Please provide the name of the airport in the Terminal field when booking.

Further details including train and coach times and where to find our Coach Marshal and the coach will be sent out in the Travel Instructions.

Coach times and prices for 2024 are shown below.

2024 Coach or minibus transfers – Times and Prices:

Transport Code Journey Date Dep Time Price £
A1 Advance party Poole Stn – Bryanston 17/8 1245 0
A2 Ldn Victoria Stn to  Bryanston 18/8 1100 56
A3 LGW (N) to Bryanston (see Note below) 18/8 1000 48.50
A4 LGW (S) to Bryanston 18/8 1300 48.50
A5 LHR T2 to Bryanston 18/8 1000 48.50
A6 LHR T2 to Bryanston 18/8 1300 48.50
A7 Regional Airport to Bryanston 18/8 1300 54
A8 Poole Stn to Bryanston 18/8 1300 19.50
DT2 Bryanston to Poole Stn – Teacher Trainees 23/8 1300 19.50
A9 Weekend Visitors from Poole Stn 23/8 1800 19.50
D1 Bryanston to LGW (S) 25/8 0730 58
D2 Bryanston to LHR T2 25/8 0800 58
D3 Bryanston to Ldn Victoria Stn 25/8 0930 56
D4 Bryanston to LGW (S) 25/8 0930 48.50
D5 Bryanston to LHR T2 25/8 0930 48.50
D6 Bryanston to Regional Airport 25/8 0930 56
D7 Bryanston to Poole Stn 25/8 0945 19.50
D8 Clear-up party Bryanston to Poole Stn 25/8 1245 0

Travelling by air We will provide coach transport from Heathrow and Gatwick Airports direct to Bryanston on the morning of the arrival day departing from the airports at about 10:00 and 13:00 (exact times depending on demand & flight arrival times). Under 5 year olds go free. The return coaches will leave Bryanston at 0730 and 0930 for Gatwick and 0800 and 0930 for Heathrow and Regional airport(s) on the departure day arriving at the airports at about 1030 and 1200 to 1300 respectively – prices are the same as the arrival coaches. Please try to book flights that land at least an hour and a half before the coach times on the arrival day and that depart after 1300 and 14:30 respectively on the departure day. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT DELAYS AT THE AIRPORTS DUE TO ADDITIONAL CHECKS BEING CARRIED OUT BY BORDER FORCE. Please book earlier arrival flights than usual, if at all possible.

The Heathrow and Gatwick arrival coaches are subject to there being sufficient demand for two coaches at each airport. In the event of low bookings, we reserve the right to cancel the earlier coach and combine all the bookings into the later coach.

Note: Due to a large number of attendees arriving from Spain at 0930 into Heathrow Terminal 5, the 1000 coach departure from Heathrow Terminal 2 will make an additional pickup at Terminal 5 at 1100 to collect this group.

Minibus transfers from / to Regional Airports (Bournemouth, Bristol, Southampton) may also be offered, subject to sufficient demand, with under 5 year olds free – departure times will be 13:00 on the arrival day and 09:30 on the departure day. Please indicate your airport in the detailed flight information fields. The transfer cost shown below is on the basis that there is sufficient demand to organise a minibus. If this is not the case, a taxi will be booked and the cost adjusted to share the taxi charge plus a 15% administration fee equally amongst the passengers, including children of any age.

Travelling from London We will provide a coach from Victoria Station leaving at 11:00 to Bryanston and return coach to Victoria Station leaving Bryanston at 09:30. Under 5 year olds free.

Travelling by train The best train station for Bryanston is Poole. This is a 30 minutes’ drive from the school and we offer a minibus service to meet the 10:35 train leaving London Waterloo mainline terminus on the arrival day, arriving Poole at 12:50. The minibus price is shown above per person each way with under 5 year olds free. There are taxis available at Salisbury Station at a cost of around £50-60 to Bryanston School if you prefer that route.  Link to Trainline for family or group ticket bookings:

Travelling by road For SATNAV use DT11 0PX. Bryanston school is outside Blandford Forum on the A354 Salisbury to Dorchester road. The entrance to the school is through an arch off West Street, Blandford. A long driveway leads through the woods to the main building.

If you need advice on travel arrangements, please email or call Philip Wake on [email protected] or +44 7801 482346.