There is a special place for teenagers at the Bryanston LSG International Summer School. Not only can they live in the teenage only houses with Steward supervision but they have a specially tailored music course with 2 upper level Orchestras, Chamber music groups as well as the Jazz/Improvisation where the classes are formed with age as well as ability in mind.

As an international course the students mix and make strong friendships with other like minded teens from all over the globe. These friendships not only strengthen the love of music but also enrich their lives and understanding of other cultures.  A week playing music and speaking English to their peers and teachers is a brilliant way to cement an international teenager’s English skills.


Teenagers can either stay with their family, or they can live in the Teenage House.  Unaccompanied teenagers are welcome but they must accept the ground rules established by the administration to ensure the safety of all and the smooth running of the course. Infringement of these rules might require a student to return home immediately. There are designated houses for the unaccompanied teenagers and they are supervised by a team of stewards dedicated to this role. If you would like to come unaccompanied please contact bryanston@localhost before applying. Teenagers attending with their parents may prefer to be with the unaccompanied teenagers in their supervised and segregated accommodation but space is limited and this may not always be possible. The same ground rules apply to these ‘accompanied’ teenagers.

The Covid-19 Security protocols in force at the time of the summer school will apply to all teenagers whether in the Teenage House or staying with their parents.