Jazz and Improvisation

Teacher: Andrew Stamatakis-Brown

Learn a new piece of music, specially prepared by Andy! Your rhythm, articulation and pitch skills will be put to work to learn a selection of melodies, basslines and accompaniment patterns. You will have step-by-step clear instructions about how to start improvising. All of the material will be available as a video tutorial in advance of Bryanston week for you to learn, and then the lessons will focus on playing ‘in the groove’ and building confidence and ideas in your improvising. You will need access to playback equipment (laptop with speakers or linked to home stereo loud enough to play along to).

Suitable For:

Instrument: Pianists

Age: 7-17

Ability: All

Class 1 approx ages 7 – 11. Level: Books 1 – 3

Class 2 approx ages 9 – 14. Level: Books 3 – 5

Class 3 approx ages 12 – 17. Level: Books 5 +