Roanne Legge

P1070241_2I am an innovative Art teacher who has taught Art for a number of years in a range of varied locations and settings. My first position was as an Itinerant Teacher of Art in Orkney and my latest post was at Chepstow House Preparatory School in Notting Hill, London.

I have come to Art teaching through an interesting route.

When I was at school I craved colour and savoured the opportunity to explore and express my creativity. These occasions were few and far between and were fitted around what I learned to perceive as more ‘valued’ subjects. Invariably the long-awaited opportunity to finish my cherished creative endeavours never came, so what I learned sadly from my early education was that creativity was somehow less ‘valued’. I have rectified that way of thinking and now creativity is the most valued thing in my life!

Following an academic path, I gained an MA at Glasgow University in History, became a teacher, and taught all subjects creatively until I acknowledged that Art had always been my passion. My focus is enabling the best for each student, helping to develop artistic ability and appreciation, enhancing creative and critical thinking skills, building confidence for making the most of opportunities and nurturing an appreciation of the power of the arts.

I have at times taken planned breaks from employment to focus upon my own creative development, attending Bath Art College, completing an intensive drawing and painting course at the Atelier Florence Academy of Art, undertaking an anatomy for artists course at the London Atelier for Representational Art, and participating on courses in life drawing and painting, stone carving, stained glass design, print making and pottery.