Anna Podhajska

Anna-Podhajska photo (1)Anna Podhajska graduated from the Music Academy in Gdansk (Department of Musical Education) in 1975. She pursued her interest in music attending doctoral studies at the Music University in Warsaw. Until 1990 she lectured at the University in Olsztyn and Slupsk, teaching violin and theoretical subjects. From 1990 until 2005 she lived in Iceland, teaching at the music school in Akureyri and playing as a member of the North Iceland Symphony Orchestra. There she started her Suzuki training with Lilja Hjaltadóttir, continuing last two levels with Tove and Bela Detreköy. She was appointed Teacher Trainer in 2004. She conducts violin teacher training in Poland and abroad and travels to teach on workshops all over Europe. Founder and director of the Suzuki Institute in Gdansk, with over 200 students.