Wei Yee is British born Chinese and grew up in Birmingham, studying piano with Carolyn Tailby, and violin with Peter Bridle and Peter Thomas. Wei Yee enjoyed 8 years playing with the Academy of St. Philips. She studied at the Royal Northern College of Music, then trained in the Suzuki method, choosing it for its excellence, philosophy and natural approach. Wei Yee has been teaching Suzuki Piano and Suzuki Violin at her practice in Fulham for two decades. A highlight of her journey was a trip to the International Suzuki Convention in Japan in 2013.

Wei Yee is a member of the LSG Bursary Committee, assessing applications and deciding awards for families in need of financial assistance. She is also a member of the British Suzuki Music Association, London Suzuki Group and the European Suzuki Association.

Wei Yee has taught at the National Suzuki Workshops, Bryanston, Jillian Leddra’s Sforzando, the Village Workshops, Ingestre Hall, and the LSG Early Stages Workshop.