cbhrichCarey Beth Hockett is a member of the Suzuki faculty of the Colburn School in Los Angeles and the Director of Corkybird Enterprises, which provides creative resources for music education. She has been actively involved in Suzuki cello in both America and Europe for over 30 years and is recognised as a Teacher Trainer by both the SAA and ESA. Carey taught at the Ithaca Talent Education School from 1975 to 1988 and with the London Suzuki Group from 1988 to 2006. She is well know for her creative work with groups of all sizes and has designed a new course for teachers called Group Class Techniques. Her compositions include Amusements for String Quartet, a collection of short pieces designed to train basic ensemble-playing skills, and Diversions for Cello Ensemble, a series of pieces that include elements of body percussion and cello drumming along with normal playing.