Have you ever thought that when you play a musical instrument, you’re actually using two instruments? Your first instrument is yourself, and your second instrument is the musical one. Just as it’s important for your musical instrument to be in tune, if you’re ever to reach your full musical potential you’ll need your first instrument – yourself – to be in tune too.
This is the skill of the Alexander Technique, which teaches you how to bring your best coordination to everything you do. In these classes, you’ll discover how to play music with the utmost comfort, ease and sensitivity, and how to leave behind problems such as aching muscles, stress or stage fright.
The classes are highly relevant and tailor-made for the instrument you play – that is, violin/viola, cello or piano.
One-to-one lessons
As well as group classes, I am offering online one-to-one lessons to assist you or your child with particular issues such as:
  • muscular pain/ discomfort in playing or everyday life
  • stiffness/ tension in playing or everyday life
  • mental stress
  • poor balance or coordination
  • performance anxiety (stage fright)


Suitable for:
Instrument: All
Age: 11+
Ability: All