Check this page for a quick look at what’s new at the LSG International Summer School 2022 versus prior years. Here are the things we know about now:

    • The improvisation program has been expanded and specialised via a new faculty post in which Rick O’Connor will teach strings improvisation (Dan Swana is returning to teach piano improvisation).
    • Frazer Scott is offering one-on-one singing lessons this summer. Contact him directly to arrange this; contacts will be in the Handbook nearer the start. Frazer will also offer an extra choir-for-fun session.
    • Tuesday evening presentation: Discover your performer’s confidence
      Musicians can suffer from performance nerves regardless of age or proficiency, and the enjoyment and quality of a performance can suffer as a result. This presentation by Henry Fagg will help you understand nervousness as simply being “over-alert”, which can then be “dialled down” through the use of various strategies including the Alexander Technique.
    • Alexander Technique
      The Alexander Technique is a method for releasing habits of tension and improving balance, movement, posture, performance and wellbeing. It is taught in all UK music conservatoires, and there is clinical evidence of its effectiveness for back and neck pain. Private one-to-one lessons are offered by Henry Fagg (07970 549868) in the Dance Studio (Sports Hall) for students or parents. Parents are welcome to attend their child’s lesson if they wish. £40 for 45 mins, in cash or by bank transfer.
    • Chi kung
      Henry Fagg will be running free Chi kung classes at 7:30-8:00am on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri on the roof terrace of the Sports Hall, or in the Dance Studio if it’s raining. Chi kung is a gentle, mindful system of whole-body movement that promotes wellbeing. It can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age or ability. Come and discover ease and balance in movement, and learn how to move like a deer, bird or even a tiger!